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This LIttle Small Girl.

tis little Girl.
Jia Jia
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Sunday, May 09, 2010 { 1:04 AM }

i had moved to http://thesmallme.wordpress.com

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 { 7:13 PM }

since im like so freee now time to blog.
omg. i am actually also feeeling the same as wenya.
damn freaking happy for school.
so far so goood. lesson not started yet.
looking at all de module i think i had none tt i don like or wat. cos i didnt wan to see any chem ZZZ.
and and. all de lecturer so far so good. interesting and funnie and good.
so wat does tt means? time to As all my module and pull up my GPA.
i gonna go for de impossible 4.0 and visualise it! it will happen if i believe!

come to think of it, omg so fast yr 3 alr.
i rmb when i jus came in to this poly.
i am jus a nobody don noe anyone. cos no one from my sec sch same course as me. :(
cos of CLS FOCamp, SPCO,GEMS etc. made me feel like i am so FAMOUS in sch. LOL!
jkjk. but it is like u meet 1 fren and now u have like more than 100 fren? LOL!

oh ya! did i say i have been thinking how to save up my money?
arrgh cos i am like spending and spending money.
so i don noe why.jessica read my mind( and i nv tell her anything abt i wan to save money but there isnt any ideal way)
. and ask clarise intro me to some insurance saving plan.
yes! i met her today.
before that, i went to visit tt poor edmund working at mark and spencer.
so qiao when i reach, he gt his break time. catch up with him for awhile and off to meet clarise.
oh yes, i take up tt plan and den i felt like so great. finally i am like saving up money! :)!!
THANKS so much jessica and clarise! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010 { 1:59 AM }

oh yeah! finally. itp ended.
it ended with a very sad feeling for me.
i don noe why i gt a feeling of don wan to leave.
cos of the nice pple there. ahhh!
watever, i gt a dist for my overall! there is jokes behind why i can get a dist. it is really very funnie.
yesh. this attachment really make me learnt something out of the box.
thanks to those entertaining me thru sms, twitter or even msn.
iphone was great cos i was busy playing all de games to kill time, when i am free and nth to do.

oh well, it is so great becos i start my first day and last day of itp meeting dde same pple for dinner.
this time is jieying gil, sheralin ,xiaowen and wenya!
once again, this jieying forever so LAME!
i cant stop laughing.
like so long since i laugh out loud can. LOL!
n dey were so crap.
forever turn one round shoot me short.
hmmp! one day i will grow tall i tell u.

last 2 days of enjoyment and it is my yr 3 alr! arrrrrgh.
i haven meet janice yet. jessica and germaine suggesting we both should combined our birthday celebration together DOTS!

Thursday, April 15, 2010 { 12:05 AM }

oh here is damn cui. cos long time didnt blog alr.
wellll, 2 more day to the end of attachment. so HAPPY!
i swear in future i'm not gonna be QC manager or wat shit related to QC.
so boring doing de same thing like everyday.
on the other side, there de pple are nice and good to me. although before gg itp, frens are telling me. de supervisior are all like sucky. mine like bo chap me.
well, it is gonna be over.
this itp really nightmare pls. first few weeks so difficult to survive.
i keep finding me to entertainment. twitter is my source of entertainment. now like become my sms like tt. and oso thanks those frens who sms me sometime to entertain me. help me to kill time. woooohooo. now i noe frens are so impt =x

well, next week start of yr3 . sian.
i gonna grow old soooooon.
but it is time to buck up my result. if not say byebye to uni :(
alright good nites gtg n sleeeeeeeeeep! :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010 { 2:51 AM }

time checked : 251am
shall blog before i slept.
i abandoned my blog. oh shit.!
i am always busy fb-ing and twittering LOL!

oh well. life had been really interesting and exciting .
so fast it is alr feb alr.


1) my braces are on like finally. all the preparation of braces was a torture. cant eat and stuff.
gonnna jian fei alr. i jus can bite some food today only.

2) many pple birthday on feb so torturing it had not been stopping since [ jiunn yuan, wei shan, emily, ekjun, david, mega, edmund lee, yihong, jennifer tay ] omgggg! i am so broke can :(

3) yes i am veri busy with report, test every time since de start of sch. now gg to prepare for exam. arrrgh. i wan to die. and my yr 3 is coming without realising.

4) it had beeen a good catch up and meet up with edmund teo, david and xiaowen. another wan after exam ! 5 march woohoo. singing and crystal jade steamboat here i come.

5) it had not been a goood yr. i am sick like twice in 2 weeks. thanks for all my friends concern. i rmb i was terribly sick and 2days of mc. and my phone was flood with msg with how am i feeling .THANKS GUYS:)

6) and was oso busy with concert. watching NTUCO and SPSE wan. give ruan ensemble amiss cos i didnt wan to fail my pmai and binsan paper.

7) this yr cny had been rather wonderful. even till today i still received hongbao unlike last yr. yeah. 1st day of cny was like following my cousin hse.

2nd day of cny : went to timothy hse for bai nian. yeah catch up with IVY ONG and JESSICA. den after tt went to my cousin hse. den went to victoria hse to surprise tt short guy with his CHEESECAKE. boo. blackjack and mahjong. ZIYI was freaking funnie. make us laugh like mad.

8) 4th day of chinese new yr. i went clubbing at powerhouse with edmund and frens. it is so hell fun. but next day i was damn tired.

after my exam:

i wan to meet up sotong tan and party ! LOL!
i wan to meet up janice soh, my twins sister !!

but den it is attachment time, it is really headaches to choose ur FYP grp.
esp i'm in such a situation haiz. seee how bah.

yeah! i hope i wont abandoned my blog again.
tml gonna go mr lee hse and den yihong and jennifer birthday celebration.
it is time to catch with CLS FOCAMP PEEEPS.


Thursday, January 07, 2010 { 1:15 AM }

yeah first post of 2010!
i spend my last day of 2009 with VICTORIA CHEW.
shopping at vivo. alot of thing caught my eyes.
but why i didnt bought anything back? jus becos alot of stuff don have my size. all veri big. zzzz.
watever. i decided to rot at home cos i am too tired. didnt wan to go anywhere to count down.

i spend my first day of 2010 with awesome grp of sec sch fren.
yes it is always hard to meet all of you lah.
but everytime we meet, it will be like sitting down there for long hours n don wan to leave. LOL!
we were like laughing n laughing non-stop of their nonsense.
i like long time nv laugh until like this alr.
yesh we oso celebrate jessica birthday which is on 2jan!
give her de cake at 11plus on 1jan! :)
awesome day lah with awesome group of friend : DARYL, JINDA, JIUNN YUAN, LIYONG N JESSICA! :)

second day of 2010 was spend with BBCO peeps.
farewell to AH BAO!
will miss her. cos no one help us take out prawn shell. LOL!
have fun time at her hse eating home food, once again feel like so homely again.
n mahjong time!!

yesh sch reopen. almost all my result are out.
well. i did my best. watever result i get , be it good or bad, as long i did my best .
tt is de impt point! :)
oh yeah. my year 2 of poly life is ending soon.
i think i will miss them. :(
this yr gt alot of friends 21st birthday!
pocket gg one big hole soon.

Sunday, December 27, 2009 { 11:48 PM }

4more days to 2010.
AHHHHHH! it is the yr i didnt wan !
BECOS i am turning 20 soooooooon zzzzzzz.

looking back at my 2009 resolution. i think some of them i have fulfill it.

so here is my resolution for 2009!
1. I MUS RMB TO SIGN UP FOR MY O's level ENG! if nt my cert veri cui with D7! fulfilled! but result not out yet.
2. to grow taller! haha!!! somebody will be laughing at it. this wan not sure. ASK MY FRENS! LOL!
3. get into the right option for my course.fulfilled!
4. my gpa above 3.3 mux aim high in order to achieve it. yeah finally gt a gpa of 3 happy about it
5. decide to use my talent! my liu qin. gonna realli brush up my skills! this wan i don noe sia.
6. no matter wat, still have to pluck out sometime for my close frens!=) fulfilled!
7. everyone to be happy n healthy!
8. success in everything i do.
9. not to be a blur blur queen anymore LOL! ah yong noe wat i mean. but i become a luchi instead ahh!
10. maybe get a partner for myself oppps! oh no. don have leh this wan . LOL!

oh well, 2009 i think it had been a really roller coaster to me can.

the moment of CLS FOcamp 09/10 helping out at de station. gg thru all de prep camp and also the scary nightwalk. make me know lots of friends , people like christian,dawn,shuxuan, jeanie , anita and lester n friends. and those yr1. my group of friend jus expand like tt. i only rmb only CLS peeps will play ice breaking game even dey are out.

SPCO FOcamp 09/10. it is seriously my worst n down time. i noe being a Game ICs is so not easy can . planning games and making sure that it wont last min cock up! yes. i think i made it a success. i think i oso improve myself from a being very kan jiong spider person to now i am not anymore . :) this camp really made me feel that there is where my real true friends come in poly. i thanks YISHAN EKJUN KELVIN VICTORIA WEISHAN JINGSHI MERVYN RUIPING n whoever is there whenever i am met with problem tt time. THANKS SO MUCH!

SPCO concert, SPCO china trip. woohoo. yesh it oso make some of us more closer together. the days we play maple together , pq-ing, mc-ing n also all de dinner! so nice lah.

Friendship - yes yes not forgetting new friend i had met in gems also. they are really nice fren to have fun with and tok to. u can tok to them anything under de sun. yeah. but on the other hand, there many other misunderstanding in my their other group of my friend ahhhhhh! well , jus for 1 more yr jus tolerate with it.

I oso want to thank all my little cute frens who had always been listening to me complaining, and oso being my listening ears! i feel so good everytime i let it out. :)

study- this yr finally i pulled my gpa up to 3 how happy will it be. but den this last semster of yr 2 it is like so hectic but den well, i will work hard for it.

i think tt will be all bah.

so my resolution for 2010.
3) GPA of 3.5 n above.